About SQLRx

ISI’s SQLRx division focuses on optimizing performance and capacity of SQL Server environments.

A unique SaaS offering, SQLRx goes well beyond traditional monitoring tools which might indicate a problem. SQLRx identifies root causes and gives specific steps to remediate.

Developed by two widely published subject matter experts, Jeffry Schwartz (30+ years of system analysis) and Lori Brown (20+ years of system administration), SQLRx has been used by leading software publishers to optimize their applications, as well as over 700 end-user clients to tune and maintain their SQL Server environments.

Why Choose Us

Business Balance

IT solutions are not complete if they don’t include business logic and value. ISI’s approach uniquely incorporates business impact with technical design to maximize the value of an engagement’s outcome. Any technical solution must be designed by and for the benefit of the business users, who ultimately determine its value.


Incorporated in Dallas in 1985, ISI has a long and proven history of trusted client relationships. We have the same phone number from the day we started. Our consultants average 20 years of professional experience, many over 30. Our proven history is added assurance of your success.

Boutique Alternative

All ISI Principal Consultants come from big six consulting firms, assuring our project governance and outcomes leverage proven best practices. Hiring ISI brings you the credibility of a national firm, however, without the bloated budget. When you need this assurance but not the overhead, ISI is your boutique alternative.

Leadership Team

Lori Brown
SQLRx Practice Manager
Jeff Schwartz
Senior Systems Architect
JF Denis
Principal Consultant



"RemoteDBA has been a tremendous help …. filled-in a void, and we’re running smoothly now."
"We've just celebrated our second year-end without serious SQL Server problems. The index tuning suggestions made greatly improved the performance ... efforts can be felt throughout ..."
"You steered us in the right direction!!!! The EFT process went from 6-7+ hours [down] to 10 minutes in PRODUCTION. WOW!"


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Real Estate / Construction
Medical / Health
Financial Services
Manufacturing / Distribution
Education / Non-Profit