Windows Hardware & Software Performance Analysis

SQLRx Windows Hardware & Software Performance Analysis is the culmination of proven industry "best practices" and years of experience optimizing database and system architecture and performance. We deliver a detailed analysis identifying specific system hardware and SQL Server software bottlenecks with a prioritized list of suggested resolutions and cost-benefit estimates.  Analysis of both hardware and software enables SQLRx to provide clients with the added benefits of extending the life of existing hardware and improving application performance.

Our Process

SQLRx utilizes a wide-ranging set of procedures, perfected over 1,500 customer studies, to provide the customer with all the information needed to understand their current system's performance.  

Through the analysis of BOTH hardware and software, SQLRx develops a comprehensive view of the entire system.

1.   Collect Windows and SQL Server performance data

We collect performance data from:

  • Windows Performance Monitor
  • SQL Server Dynamic Management Views
  • Extended Events or Traditional SQL Server traces

2.   Load performance data into our software suite

We load performance data into our software suite, WinPerf, which is designed and coded specifically to enable fast, high quality performance analyses.

This software enabled SQLRx to win the Microsoft Partner of the Year for Data Management award.

3.   Extract performance data

We extract performance data into several hundred Excel worksheets and generate many timeseries graphs.

4.   Analyze the extracted data

We analyze the extracted data to determine the following:

Processor, memory, and disk hardware usage patterns and problem areas

The worst 100 database queries by total and average:

  • Duration
  • Processor time consumption
  • Database reads and writes
  • Result set row counts

Queries that are:

  • Inefficiently written
  • Need additional indexing support
  • Executed within stored procedures that perform large amounts of work

Database views that are used in queries that consume the most system resources

Database tables that:

  • Are very large and fully read from beginning to end
  • Have too many indices
  • Have redundant or unused indices
  • Should have additional indices to support query needs

Software bottlenecks, e.g., blocking and deadlocking


…evaluation was thorough and recommendations made an extremely positive impact on the performance of our system.

Jim Evans

Quality Distribution

Tampa, FL

…recommendations were concise and clear. During implementation, noticeable performance improvements were recognized ... follow-up documentation and availability added to the excellent work … will definitely look to ... for any future SQL Server performance tuning needs.

Patrick LeBlanc

Lamar Advertising

Baton Rouge, LA