SQL Server RemoteDBA®

RemoteDBA®  gives you an unmatched combination of monitoring, tuning, reporting, live assistance and mentoring at a quarter of the cost of a full-time employee.

RemoteDBA® is proactive part-time SQL management, maintenance and monitoring performed by a senior-level DBA.

It's like having a “preventive insurance policy”, assuring that all of the maintenance, monitoring and troubleshooting that a DBA should be doing are actually being completed to assure optimal server performance.
"RemoteDBA® costs a fraction of what the total costs of other products like Idera, Quest, RedGate, SQL Sentry and SolarWinds end up costing."
  • Overall configuration review
  • Backup strategy & verification
  • Security auditing
  • Job failure alerts
  • Long running queries monitoring & logging
  • Disk space monitoring
  • Critical perfmon counter logging
  • Log-running job monitoring
  • Index & statistics maintenance
  • Best-practice mentoring

Why Use RemoteDBA®?

Cost Effectiveness

For less than 25% of the cost of a qualified DBA, RemoteDBA® performs the critical tasks of a staff DBA to maintain optimum system performance.

Proactive Assurance

RemoteDBA® gives you the assurance that the preventive and maintenance routines that should be completed on your system actually are being completed and corrective action taken to before failures occur.


RemoteDBA® assures that the monitored SQL environments remain optimized and tuned to maximize performance and capacity. RemoteDBA® also provides subscribers with statistical leverage toward 3rd party software vendors to improve their performance as well.


No two DBAs perform the same tasks the same way. RemoteDBA® is established on a standard of best practices and provides you with consistent output and analysis of your system maintenance and performance.

Trusted Advisor

Other tools will tell you when something is wrong, but someone on staff must know how to interpret warnings and tuning suggestions. RemoteDBA® provides expert-level interpretation of performance information and can guide subscribers through the maze of information that is available to administrators.


With RemoteDBA® you also get a “human resource” in the form of a senior level DBA assigned to your account for scheduled monthly reviews of your system performance as well as any action items we recommend or take on your behalf.

SQL Advocate

RemoteDBA® will act as a subscribers SQL Server advocate and evangelist. RemoteDBA® takes time to understand and care about your business and will work with third parties to make sure that best practices are followed and that performance SLA's are maintained or exceeded.

Low Impact

RemoteDBA® requires no executable to be installed and only adds a minimum of overhead to effectively monitor and gather all performance data. Other tools need executable programs to be installed that at times have to be updated. Additionally other tools also incur significant overhead when gathering query information.

Did you know…

RemoteDBA® costs a fraction of what the total costs of other products like Idera, Quest, RedGate, SQL Sentry and SolarWinds end up costing.