Capacity Planning

Capacity planning ensures that an organization has consistent computer capacity to meet performance levels required by users and management.  

SQLRx utilizes a proven methodology to provide customers with expected computer behavior based on forecasted growth projections.

Effective capacity planning avoids the risks involved in a capacity crisis:

  • Loss of customers and revenue
  • Loss of credibility both internally and with customers
  • Loss of workforce morale because they cannot complete their work on time
  • Loss of new development efforts

Our Process

SQLRx evaluates the effects of growth, application changes, new application systems and changes in processing on the current system to develop projections. 

1.   Gather data

  • Specify objectives for the analysis
  • Determine what organizational data is needed:
    • Growth predictions
    • Peak workload periods
  • How business activity is reflected upon the computer system
  • Determine which workloads must be isolated to achieve the objectives

2.   Analyze and develop forecast

  • Conduct a Windows Hardware & Software Performance Analysis study
  • Build model to be used for projection
  • Incorporate "what-if" questions into the models, evaluate results, and produce report
  • Once the data has been analyzed, we will review the forecasted results with your team.

3.   Assess results and iterate

This process should be repeated after a few months to determine the accuracy of the workload characterizations and forecasts.