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Oct 20

SQL Server Security – Installation

By Ginger Daniel | SQL Server

Much of the responsibility of a DBA is to keep the SQL Server environment stable and healthy, to ensure data integrity and availability, and to make sure the data is safe and secure. There are many vulnerabilities to SQL Server, and many available features to safeguard and protect the data. SQL Server security is a […]

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Aug 18

AlwaysOn 2016 – New and Improved

By Ginger Daniel | Beginner , Miscellaneous , SQL Administration , SQL Server

–by Ginger Keys   AlwaysOn Availability Groups made its debut in SQL Server 2012 as a new feature that enhanced the existing technologies of database mirroring and failover clustering to provide an option for high availability and disaster recovery. AlwaysOn gives you the ability to scale out several secondary Servers (replicas) for high availability or […]

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May 19

Correlate Performance Spikes with SQL Profiler and Perfmon

By Ginger Daniel | Intermediate , Perfmon , Performance Tuning , SQL Server , SQLRX

–by Ginger Keys Have you ever watched performance metrics in Performance Monitor (Perfmon) and wondered which SQL Server activities were causing those spikes? SQLRx offers a Microsoft Partner-of-the-Year award-winning service that will correlate all performance metrics on your server with very little overhead, and will pinpoint with precision, right down to a line of code […]

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