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Sep 28

Get Index Column Info with Includes for One or Many Tables

By Lori Brown | Helpful Scripts , Missing Indexes , Performance Tuning , Query Tuning , SQL Administration , SQL Development , SQL Server

I was recently working with one of my clients on some low hanging fruit type of query tuning. We had checked the cache for plans with missing index warnings in them and were trying to see if we could tweak and existing index or add a new index to speed things up. If you ever […]

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Jul 20

Handling Multiple Missing Index Recommendations for the Same Table

By Jeffry Schwartz | Expert , Missing Indexes , Performance Tuning , Query Tuning , SQL Development , SQL Server

The Problem Many articles concerning SQL Server missing index recommendations demonstrate the mechanics for obtaining them and often highlight whether the suggested key columns are used in equality or inequality relationships. Most of these examples emphasize a single index that can be implemented to improve performance. However, real-life situations often involve multiple or many suggested […]

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Jun 02

Query Tuning and Missing Index Recommendations

By Jeffry Schwartz | Missing Indexes , Performance Tuning , Query Tuning , SQL Development , SQL Server

Overview Most analysts are familiar with missing index recommendations provided by SQL Server when query plans are displayed within SSMS or reported by various missing index DMVs. Several questions arise concerning these recommendations: What determines whether a column becomes a key or included in the new index? Where does the ordering of the included columns […]

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