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Jun 07

June 2010 Tip of the Month

By SQLRx Admin | Performance Tuning , SQL Administration , SQL Server , Tip of the Month

SQL Server Administration: SQL Server keeps track of indexes that it thinks it needs in order to optimize queries. But there are several “missing index” dynamic management views that give valuable information. Find missing indexes with this query. Always test the suggested indexes, as they do not always help, and are only suggestions. SELECT mig.index_group_handle, […]

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May 28

May 2010 Tip of the Month

By SQLRx Admin | Helpful Scripts , SQL Administration , SQL Server , Tip of the Month

SQL Server Administration:  List all principal and object permissions with the following query.  Use this to periodically check that permissions have been properly set for access to objects in your databases.     SELECT USER_NAME(p.grantee_principal_id) AS principal_name, dp.type_desc AS principal_type_desc, p.class_desc, OBJECT_NAME(p.major_id) AS object_name, p.permission_name, p.state_desc AS permission_state_desc FROM sys.database_permissions p INNER JOIN sys.database_principals dp […]

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