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Sep 14

Find Tables That Have Special Features Enabled

By SQLRx Admin | Helpful Scripts , Miscellaneous , SQL Server , Tip of the Month

Find out if any of tables in your database have special features enabled using the queries below.  These features need to be understood and carefully managed. — CDC Enabled Tables select distinct AS CDCTables from sys.tables t where t.is_tracked_by_cdc = 1   — File Tables — SQL 2012 + select distinct AS FileTables from […]

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Jun 08

Get a List of Tables That Are Compressed

By SQLRx Admin | Beginner , Helpful Scripts , SQL Administration , SQL Server , Tip of the Month

Find out if any of your tables are compressed in your database using the query below. Compressed tables can save space and make queries run faster. — Compressed Tables select distinct AS CompressedTables from sys.partitions p inner join sys.tables t on p.object_id = t.object_id where p.data_compression > 0 If you don’t have any tables […]

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Jun 09

SQL 2016 SSMS Download Location

By SQLRx Admin | Installation , SQL Administration , SQL Server

Now that SQL Server 2016 has been released ( ), DBA’s are going to notice that the Management Studio tools are not in the list of options to install. Starting in SQL 2016, SSMS is a separate download and install. You can find the download at: The install notes say that it can be […]

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Jun 01

SQL Server 2016 RTM Available!!

By SQLRx Admin | Advice , Installation , Miscellaneous , SQL Server , Upgrade

In case you live under a rock or were at the dentist, Microsoft announced that SQL Server 2016 has been made generally available today June 1, 2016. See: Pricing is as follows: A handy feature comparison of previous versions of SQL can be located here: SQL 2016 feature comparison between editions can be […]

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