New Dynamic Management View

By SQLRx Admin | SQL Server

Feb 03

SQL Server Administration: SQL 2008 – SQL 2012) Use the new dynamic management view sys.dm_os_sys_memory to view memory information from the operating system. If the System Memory State = “Available physical memory is high”, this is good and indicates that the system is not experiencing external memory pressure. For more information check out

**HT to Glen Berry for the query:


SELECT total_physical_memory_kb/1024 AS [Physical Memory (MB)],

available_physical_memory_kb/1024 AS [Available Memory (MB)],

total_page_file_kb/1024 AS [Total Page File (MB)],

available_page_file_kb/1024 AS [Available Page File (MB)],

system_cache_kb/1024 AS [System Cache (MB)],

system_memory_state_desc AS [System Memory State]

FROM sys.dm_os_sys_memory WITH (NOLOCK) OPTION (RECOMPILE)


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