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Jul 20

Handling Multiple Missing Index Recommendations for the Same Table

By Jeffry Schwartz | Expert , Missing Indexes , Performance Tuning , Query Tuning , SQL Development , SQL Server

The Problem Many articles concerning SQL Server missing index recommendations demonstrate the mechanics for obtaining them and often highlight whether the suggested key columns are used in equality or inequality relationships. Most of these examples emphasize a single index that can be implemented to improve performance. However, real-life situations often involve multiple or many suggested […]

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Jun 02

Query Tuning and Missing Index Recommendations

By Jeffry Schwartz | Missing Indexes , Performance Tuning , Query Tuning , SQL Development , SQL Server

Overview Most analysts are familiar with missing index recommendations provided by SQL Server when query plans are displayed within SSMS or reported by various missing index DMVs. Several questions arise concerning these recommendations: What determines whether a column becomes a key or included in the new index? Where does the ordering of the included columns […]

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Jan 12


By Lori Brown | Intermediate , Performance Tuning , SQL Development , SQL Server , Trace Flags

–By Lori Brown   @SQLSupahStah After installing Service Pack 1 for SQL 2016, I ran across USE HINT and thought I would put out what I could find to document it. Here’s where you find info from Microsoft: and here is a link for all of the bugs that are fixed in SP1: USE […]

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Sep 01

Table-Valued Parameter Performance Using C# Data Tables

By Jeffry Schwartz | Expert , Miscellaneous , Performance Tuning , SQL Development , SQL Server

The following testing and resulting data is a direct result of a recent issue that was discovered at one of our client sites.  After setting up SQL monitoring that does use a SQL trace to capture long running queries, suddenly certain processes would lock up and be unable to complete.  Initially we thought it was […]

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Jun 16


By Lori Brown | Beginner , Performance Tuning , SQL Administration , SQL Development , SQL Server

–By Lori Brown @SQLSupahStah SQL Server 2016 has introduced a couple of new functions that can be very useful and save storage space to boot. COMPRESS and DECOMPRESS offers the benefit of compressing column data thereby saving storage space. COMPRESS uses the GZIP compression algorithm and actually compresses data before it is stored in a […]

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