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Jan 19

Find Currently Executing Jobs Running Longer Than 30 Day Average

By Lori Brown | Helpful Scripts , Intermediate , SQL Administration , SQL Server

–By Lori Brown   @SQLSupahStah I needed to update some of our long running job monitoring code to improve it from the version that we have right now. I like this version because it uses msdb.dbo.syssessions (https://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/ms175016.aspx) to validate that a job is actually running. I also wanted to know the percent difference between the current […]

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Sep 01

Table-Valued Parameter Performance Using C# Data Tables

By Jeffry Schwartz | Expert , Miscellaneous , Performance Tuning , SQL Development , SQL Server

The following testing and resulting data is a direct result of a recent issue that was discovered at one of our client sites.  After setting up SQL monitoring that does use a SQL trace to capture long running queries, suddenly certain processes would lock up and be unable to complete.  Initially we thought it was […]

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