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Jan 12


By Lori Brown | Intermediate , Performance Tuning , SQL Development , SQL Server , Trace Flags

–By Lori Brown   @SQLSupahStah After installing Service Pack 1 for SQL 2016, I ran across USE HINT and thought I would put out what I could find to document it. Here’s where you find info from Microsoft: and here is a link for all of the bugs that are fixed in SP1: USE […]

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Sep 01

Table-Valued Parameter Performance Using C# Data Tables

By Jeffry Schwartz | Expert , Miscellaneous , Performance Tuning , SQL Development , SQL Server

The following testing and resulting data is a direct result of a recent issue that was discovered at one of our client sites.  After setting up SQL monitoring that does use a SQL trace to capture long running queries, suddenly certain processes would lock up and be unable to complete.  Initially we thought it was […]

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Jun 16


By Lori Brown | Beginner , Performance Tuning , SQL Administration , SQL Development , SQL Server

–By Lori Brown @SQLSupahStah SQL Server 2016 has introduced a couple of new functions that can be very useful and save storage space to boot. COMPRESS and DECOMPRESS offers the benefit of compressing column data thereby saving storage space. COMPRESS uses the GZIP compression algorithm and actually compresses data before it is stored in a […]

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May 19

Correlate Performance Spikes with SQL Profiler and Perfmon

By Ginger Daniel | Intermediate , Perfmon , Performance Tuning , SQL Server , SQLRX

–by Ginger Keys Have you ever watched performance metrics in Performance Monitor (Perfmon) and wondered which SQL Server activities were causing those spikes? SQLRx offers a Microsoft Partner-of-the-Year award-winning service that will correlate all performance metrics on your server with very little overhead, and will pinpoint with precision, right down to a line of code […]

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Feb 04

Feb 2016 Tip of the Month – New function in SQL 2016: sys.dm_exec_function_stats

By SQLRx Admin | Intermediate , Performance Tuning , SQL Server , Tip of the Month

SQL Server Performance Tuning:  New function in SQL 2016: sys.dm_exec_function_stats Returns performance statistics for cached functions. Returns information about scalar functions, including in-memory functions and CLR scalar functions but not about table valued functions. The view returns one row for each cached function plan, and the lifetime of the row is as long as the […]

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Jan 28

SQL Server 2012/2014 Extended Events for Developers – Part 1

By Jeffry Schwartz | Expert , Performance Tuning , SQL Development , SQL Server

— By Jeffry Schwartz Microsoft introduced Extended Events, a.k.a. XEvents, in SQL Server 2008 to aid in the analysis of performance problems. Both the capabilities and syntax were changed significantly on SQL Server 2012, and new (and very important) features were added in SQL Server 2014. Therefore, the focus of this document will be on […]

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Jan 07

Disk Metrics – Why PerfMon’s, SQL Server’s Filestats, and Disk Vendors’ Values Sometimes Appear to Disagree

By Jeffry Schwartz | Expert , Performance Tuning , SQL Server , Windows

— By Jeffry Schwartz Whenever multiple data sources are used, actual or perceived discrepancies can arise. Sometimes this is due to the location of the data collector, e.g., Windows, SQL Server, or the disk array. Other times, it is due to the collection rate and whether the information is a simple recording of continuously incremented […]

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Dec 17

Stored procedure execution info with query plan

By Lori Brown | Expert , Performance Tuning , SQL Administration , SQL Server

Sometimes it is good to have some queries in your toolkit that give you information on how things are running that includes the actual execution plan. While looking at Glenn Berry’s diagnostic query scripts (, which are very good btw, I found queries that will list stored procedure statistics but none had the execution plan […]

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