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Oct 26

Rx for Demystifying Index Tuning Decisions – Part 1

By Jeffry Schwartz | Expert , Missing Indexes , Performance Tuning , Query Tuning , SQL Administration , SQL Development , SQL Server

Overview Indices are one of the most troubling and mysterious areas for DBAs and developers. Most understand that adding a badly needed index can yield dramatic query performance improvements, but how does one know what is needed? Many believe more indices are better, regardless of the number. Most fear deleting ANY existing indices, even when […]

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Sep 28

Get Index Column Info with Includes for One or Many Tables

By Lori Brown | Helpful Scripts , Missing Indexes , Performance Tuning , Query Tuning , SQL Administration , SQL Development , SQL Server

I was recently working with one of my clients on some low hanging fruit type of query tuning. We had checked the cache for plans with missing index warnings in them and were trying to see if we could tweak and existing index or add a new index to speed things up. If you ever […]

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Sep 14

Find Tables That Have Special Features Enabled

By SQLRx Admin | Helpful Scripts , Miscellaneous , SQL Server , Tip of the Month

Find out if any of tables in your database have special features enabled using the queries below.  These features need to be understood and carefully managed. — CDC Enabled Tables select distinct AS CDCTables from sys.tables t where t.is_tracked_by_cdc = 1   — File Tables — SQL 2012 + select distinct AS FileTables from […]

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Aug 10

How Indexing Affects Deletion Queries

By Jeffry Schwartz | Performance Tuning , SQL Development , SQL Server

The Problem Many articles concerning SQL Server discuss how record insertion overhead increases with each additional index. They discuss b-tree manipulations and page splits in addition to leaf and non-leaf levels. However, few discuss the fact that deletion overhead increases as well, especially when large numbers of records are deleted by individual queries. Recently, I […]

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